India's Corporate Hospital-based Start-Up Incubator
TBI is a unique co-creation space for biomedical innovators to spur technically-disruptive, clinically-impact and commercially-viable technologies
BIONEST is a move to bring all the initiatives under one umbrella and leap-frog to form and create a larger impact potential in the entire ecosystem in healthcare technology.
We bring together engineers, clinicians, scientists, entrepreneurs and end-users to develop life-saving medical technologies.
TBI's unique format provides access to life sciences, BioTech, MedTech, and HealthTech start-up entrepreneurs to work alongside the most important stakeholders for their success.
This ecosystem ensures a faster turnaround for entrepreneurs to validate their innovations, test through clinical studies.
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What's New

Program Benefits

Clinical Immersion

Direct experience in the clinical environment in which medical devices are used. Improved understanding of diseases and treatment decisions.

Design Thinking

Sharpen the value of your technology through guidance in solving problems from a business and health perspective.

Bio-Implant Design & Prototyping

Provide your startup with assistance in designing the technology as well as the trials process.

Clinical Validation

Validate your new medical technology at Mazumdar-Shaw Medical Foundation and attract investors and customers through our brand recognition.

Pharmaceutical Development & Support

Directly interact with and receive feedback from clinicians. Access to Multi-disciplinary physician lectures and round-tables


Access to different areas of the facility for testing technology such as wet labs, flow cytometry, and biomaterial characterization.

Unique DNA of TBI

TBI functions as a workshop for various users to have access to prototyping, fabrication and research tools, and medtech expertise across a global network. Since medical technology development typically happens within disciplinary silos, a venue embedded in a clinical setting that brings disciplines (medicine, engineering and business) together is essential to build a more robust medtech innovation ecosystem.

There just aren’t enough medical technology innovation outlets available to connect cross-disciplinary experts, validate needs, prototype products, develop business plans, navigate regulatory requirements, and pilot products.

TBI is embedded within MSMF and can respond to the demands of a new generation of globally-minded and mission-driven innovators, in India and will attract talent from India and around the globe.

Expert and Mentors

TBI has a vast network of most innovative, creative and seasoned experts in the venture space. TBI organises one-on-one meetings, venture capitalists, creative directors, legal guides and serial entrepreneurs share their insight, experience and advice in order to help you take your own venture further, faster.