A Job Portal Tailor-Made for the Healthcare Industry: The Story of Tutle

Tutle is India’s first and only job portal dedicated to healthcare and pharma professionals. The platform guides healthcare professionals to the right job or academic course based on the career they want. In a conversation with Mr. Vishnu Vardhan, one of the three founders of Tutle, we take a good at how the idea for Tutle was formed, how it developed, and where the company is headed now.

Identifying the Problem and Arriving at a Solution

Tutle sprouted from a problem that its three founders, Rollapadu Vishnu Vardhan, Chamarthi Harish Kumar Raju, Kaithoju Srikanth, faced after graduation: the very problem that the platform aims to solve. The problem was a complete lack of guidance for healthcare professionals in finding the right academic course or job. There were a lot of career options to choose from, but no clear pathway outlined to reach them.

The three friends (now healthcare professionals themselves) realized that healthcare professionals had no source of career guidance once they passed out of college. There was no facility in place that would guide them to the right job or the right course based on the individual’s long-term plans.

Having faced the hardship of navigating through the real world with no guidance whatsoever, the idea for a dedicated platform was born.

Building the Solution

Having faced the problem of a lack of guidance themselves, the founders knew that there was a need among the healthcare student community for some form of institution that would provide career guidance. Their association with Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation further solidified this assumption. They interacted with students at the MSMF campus before and during the development of Tutle, and they repeatedly received the same feedback: healthcare professionals were in the dark once they graduated from college. They needed expert guidance.

To test the waters, the threesome funded their parent company ‘VIHA’ with the same concept as Tutle. It was a platform where healthcare professionals could find guidance for steps after college. Having tasted success with VIHA, its founders decided to launch a full-fledged platform and started Tutle.

The three pitched their idea to angel investor Mr. Siddaramesh who showed interest and became part of TUTLE. He backed up Tutle in building a platform that is now in use by many healthcare professionals.

Vishnu explains that the founders were healthcare experts, but they went through a necessary learning curve with technical knowledge. Although Tutle onboarded a developer for the actual development, the founders continued to shape the design and user flow. They considered themselves the platform’s customers because they had faced the problems that real customers were facing. Tutle channeled this perspective into designing a tailor-made platform for their audience.

The platform is currently live but limited to dentistry graduates and available only in Bangalore. It is accessible as a website and an application on iOS and Android. Tutle aims to be the go-to platform for healthcare professionals looking for guidance post-graduation, whether it is work or studies and whether it is in India or abroad. 

What Makes Tutle Unique?

While there are several career guidance platforms in the market, none cater specifically to healthcare professionals. Thus, besides being a niche solution with a ready audience, Tutle also operates on a defining principle. The platform suggests courses and jobs based on the candidate’s career description. The point is to help graduate students and experienced professionals find the next milestone based on how they want their long-term careers to pan out.

Another distinctive feature of the platform is geo-proximity targeting. The platform considers the candidate’s location to suggest jobs and courses closer to their home. This feature is proving to be incredibly useful, especially in crowded cities like Bangalore, where candidates are happier commuting short distances to work.

Tutle also caters to clinics and hospitals looking to employ healthcare professionals. The platform acts as a portal for hospitals to list open positions where interested candidates can apply. The firm is currently experiencing a yearly turnover of 15L – 20L in sales from the platform, and the founders view this as a successful start. Additionally, the active job portal has already witnessed over 100 employers, each listing a job and selecting a candidate for their clinic or hospital.

The Future of Tutle and Advice from the Founders

While Tutle is currently only serving students and professionals of dentistry and active only in Bangalore, their future plans are to open up to all streams of medicine and branch out to all of Karnataka, followed by India and then abroad.

As closing advice, Vishnu Vardhan state that for a product to be successful, it has to solve a pressing problem of the customer. When such a product gets the light Then, if the product is right for them, they will make it a success.

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