Hospital-based Start- up Incubator.

MSMF TBI infrastructure has been set up with a vision to perform molecular research, medical device and healthcare tech ideation and enable high quality scientists to develop their ideas into value for clinical biomarkers. In order to do this, MSMF has several important facilities for molecular and translational research. The facilities include genomics, proteomics, cell biology, immunology, histopathology, transcriptomics, animal house, bioinformatics and biostatistics. The entrepreneurs who can get incubated will have access to world-class infrastructure along with clinical support and funds in developing validated technologies.

Our Facilities

office space

Physical Incubation office space

State-of-the-art office space for entrepreneurs & their teams to work, conducting meetings, and participate in various activities. Opportunity to co-work with other like-minded innovators.


Technical advisory

Access to medical representatives including seniors’ doctors and other stakeholders to receive inputs on product development and deployment.


Introduction to service providers

Connect with organizations that are validated and on-boarded to provide services by organizations & individuals who are entrepreneur-friendly in terms of budgets & advice.



Access to funding by BIRAC and support on introducing follow-on rounds of investments for growth and success.



Guidance from Industry experts and practitioners with experience to mentor and handhold entrepreneurs for success.


Access to network

Interact and build relationships with the vibrant network in the ecosystem and management team to assist in the entire business life cycle.


Bionest Community

Interact, network and grow with the entire community comprising of essential stakeholders in the HealthTech ecosystem of India.


Clinical Ideastorming

(Details to be collected from management team)


Clinical Validation

(Details to be collected from management team)

We help you grow your start-up
from inception to lift-off.